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Neil Firlit
Neil Firlit
Neil joined North Branch in 2021 and has over ten years of private equity experience.

Prior to joining North Branch, Neil worked at Pfingsten Partners, a middle market, industrial focused private equity firm where he was involved in all aspects of fund accounting, tax, and investor relations.  He also spent time at WP Global Partners, a private equity fund of funds in Chicago.

Neil earned his BA from North Central College and his MS in Accounting from Northern Illinois University.  He is a registered Certified Public Accountant in the State of Illinois.

Neil believes he can bench press more than any of his North Branch colleagues.  But, we have yet to hold a competition to prove out that theory.  Neil's two favorite pastimes are skiing and saltwater fishing, despite growing up and living in the Midwest.  When he's not in pursuit of the mountains or the ocean, Neil enjoys woodworking, fitness, and playing piano and guitar.  Though, he and his wife stay most active involving themselves in the lives and activites of their three children.