We partner with management teams seeking more from a private equity firm than simply financial acumen – these teams are looking for true strategic and operating expertise to assist in continued growth and creating long term value.

Dan Bauman
Dan Bauman
Dan is a founding member of North Branch Capital and spent over 25 years as a financial executive in a variety of companies and industries. The majority of Dan’s experience was with an audio visual company where he led the Company as CFO through significant growth and several acquisitions over a thirteen year period.

Dan is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to drive growth.  From 2005 to 2014, Dan worked with four different private equity owners.  This experience and perspective is invaluable to North Branch and our management team partners.

Dan earned his BSBA from St. Louis University. 

Dan believes his old age and grey hair qualify him to provide guidance to his two younger partners.  When not doing this, he enjoys running, biking, and talking about sports.  Although, no one can quite figure out why Dan is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Dan and his wife devote considerable time to charitable and civic causes.  Dan currently serves as President for Caritas Connections, Inc. and also spends a portion of his free time working with Loyola Academy and Big Brother/Big Sisters.  Dan’s three daughters are thankfully out of the house, but not quite off the payroll.