We partner with management teams seeking more from a private equity firm than simply financial acumen – these teams are looking for true strategic and operating expertise to assist in continued growth and creating long term value.

Jon Leiman
Jon Leiman
Jon is a founding member of North Branch Capital and has over 20 years of principal investing and middle market M&A experience. Jon has invested alongside and partnered with over 25 different management teams and companies, across several different end markets. Jon is passionate about meeting and working with new entrepreneurs.

Every small business owner has a unique story, and their risk-taking, passion and creativity is what drives our economy.  Prior to North Branch Capital, Jon held leadership positions at Pfingsten Partners, American Capital Ltd., Piper Jaffray, and PwC.  

Jon earned a BBA from the University of Michigan and a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Jon and his wife devote a considerable amount of time outside of work to charitable efforts and Jon is currently the Chairman on the Board of Camp One Step. Jon continues to believe that his basketball playing days are not yet finished. Although, his 4 inch vertical leap might suggest otherwise.  As a result, golf is Jon's much more reasonable athletic endeavor. He and his wife have two teenage children who clearly contribute to Jon's full head of grey hair.